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Are Weeds Choking Your Lawn? Decatur, GA

Are Weeds Choking Your Lawn?

Weed Control North Decatur GA

While there are many elements that can sabotage a pretty and healthy lawn, weeds top the list. If not taken under control, weeds can choke your turf and leave it looking unsightly and malnourished. Applying weed control along with routine fertilizer is key to helping your lawn thrive this summer.

Just because weeds are common in Georgia yards doesn’t mean they have to take over. The experts at Lawn In Order have what you need to fight back against weeds and lawn diseases.

Reasons to Control Weeds Now

Effective weed control can help you avoid serious setbacks in appearance, cost and long-term hassle. Here are some leading reasons why you should consider weed control sooner rather than later for your Cumming landscape:

#1 Weeds Steal Nutrients from Your Plants & Grass
Weeds grow faster than your grass and plants, which means they can take the sun, water and soil nutrients that you’d rather your grass be getting. When plants don’t get enough potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus from the soil, they will weaken and become susceptible to disease. Killing weeds can help your grasses get the food they need as well as ensure nutritional balance is kept within your soil.

#2 Weeds Destroy Your Landscaping Investment
Regardless of the size of your yard, your landscape has likely taken a stash of your earnings to develop and maintain. Ignoring weed growth can lead to the death of the lawn you’ve invested in. It may also mean many more hours trying to gain control of the vast weeds that you could have warded off in the beginning.

#3 Weeds Can Be Harmful to Your Pets and Kids
Did you know that some weeds are poisonous? This can lead to a costly vet bill if your dogs or cats ingest them unknowingly. In addition, flowering weeds can attract bees and put your children at risk for getting stung when playing in the yard.

Contact Weed Control Experts Near You

Not willing to tackle the task of controlling weeds in your landscape? Call Lawn In Order sooner rather than later. We provide a scheduled fertilizer treatments as well as weed control programs for property owners in the greater Decatur area.

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