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Pine Straw Installation Decatur, GA

Pine Straw Delivery and Installation in Decatur

One of the most popular mulch options in Georgia is pine straw. This is an eco-friendly and beautiful way to preserve your soil and improve your landscaping. At Lawn In Order, we are pine straw experts, and offer pine straw delivery and installation in Decatur, Druid Hills and the surrounding area.

Pine straw or pine needle mulch has many benefits over other types of mulch. It is eco-friendly because it does not require destroying trees or any plants to harvest this versatile mulch. Pine straw is simply discarded needles from pine trees that are collected and baled to be used for landscaping. Some of the other benefits of pine straw include:

  • Adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes
  • Beautiful red-brown appearance
  • Interlocking needles stay in place
  • Great for slopes
  • Protects the soil from compaction, erosion and runoff.
  • Insulates plant and tree roots

Pine straw is typically spread or installed at least once a year, but many people prefer a spring and fall refreshment of their mulch. It is common to need a few inches added to your existing mulch to replace the pine straw that has decomposed. At Lawn In Order, we offer convenient pine straw delivery and installation in Druid Hills, Decatur and the surrounding communities without contracts.

Bulk Pine Straw Installed

Pine straw has many benefits as a mulch, but it is tedious to haul and spread. If you have done this yourself, you know how messy it can be. Save yourself the trouble, and call our team at Lawn In Order. We are your source to have your bulk pine straw installed at your property. Our crews are meticulous and will ensure the pine straw is properly spread and blown into place for the best protection and appearance for your landscaping.

When it is time to add a layer of pine straw to your garden, slopes or landscaped areas, contact us at Lawn In Order. We offer free estimates on all our services and competitive pricing for our pine straw delivery and installation. If you need bulk pine straw installed at your home or business in the greater Decatur and Druid Hills area, give us a try at Lawn In Order.

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