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Grading Decatur, GA

Grading Company

One of the key factors in creating a gorgeous lawn and functional property is proper grading. For most properties, this should occur when a home or business is constructed. If you are building a new home or business in the greater Decatur, GA, area, you should plan on soil grading for your yard or surrounding property. At Lawn In Order, we are your local grading company for residential and commercial property.

Soil grading is important for several reasons. It provides an even space for planting your lawn or gardens, or installing driveways, patios or paved areas. Grading also is vital for proper drainage, allowing excess water to drain to the desired area. Grading can ensure that you do not have areas of pooling water, erosion or damage to foundations, protecting your property and investment.

While it is expected that property will be graded when it is developed, it is often performed incorrectly, or the soil may erode over time. At Lawn In Order, we offer grading services for new yards and to restore level ground for existing lawns and outdoor areas.

Yard Grading Contractor

Grading soil before sod installation or to fix erosion problems requires the right equipment and expertise. Lawn In Order is a yard grading contractor that has experience in soil preparation and grading for residential and commercial projects. Whether you need help to prepare your new yard for sod or you have drainage issues, our crews can complete your grading project. We have the professional equipment to ensure the job is done right to protect your property from erosion and drainage problems.

Creating a level area for your lawn, driveway or other project requires experience. You need to ensure you know where all utility lines are before you dig, and then dig deep enough to grade the area effectively. Some areas may need a slight slope to ensure proper drainage. Our crews understand the nuances of performing grading to ensure we complete the project correctly every time.

When you need grading for your property in the Decatur, Druid Hills or the surrounding area, contact us at Lawn In Order. We are the local yard grading contractor that you can trust for your land leveling projects.

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