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Are You Ready for Mosquito Season in Georgia? Decatur, GA

Are You Ready for Mosquito Season in Georgia?

Mosquitos swarm flying in the sunset light

As Georgians, we only seem to get a brief period of time to enjoy the warm weather before the mosquitoes try to ruin our time outdoors. Mosquito season for southern states typically begins in late March and can persist through October. At Lawn in Order, we want to help our customers prepare to fight back on mosquitoes in their landscape this year. There are some simple things you can do in early spring to prevent pesky mosquitoes from stealing your fun in your own backyard.

Ways to Mosquito Proof Your Yard

While professional mosquito treatments are an effective solution to ward off mosquito habitats, there are some other (more affordable) steps you can take first to control these stubborn insects on your property:

Get Rid of Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes love water. You don’t have to live on a lake or near a pool to know this. In fact, mosquitoes are especially fond of the shallow (and sneaky) puddles of water that can be found in low lying areas of grass, under your flower pots or near your gutters.

Consider a Natural Repellant

If you would prefer to avoid chemical bug repellants around your family and pets, there are some natural options that are also effective. Even certain plants (like Citronella) can produce defensive substances to deter insects.

Leave Your Yard but Shield Yourself

Some homeowners find it easier to leave the mosquitoes but protect themselves when they go outside. A DEET-containing lotion or spray can be used on kids and adults to shield the skin from biting insects. It is also proven that light colors are less likely to attract mosquitoes.

Lighten Your Space

Mosquitoes may love water but they hate light. Arrange some luminaries and candles to repel unwanted insects while also creating a source of light and cozy ambiance for your guests during the evening hours in your backyard.

When to Hire a Professional in Decatur

If you just can’t seem to win the battle against mosquitoes on your property or if insects are keeping you from enjoying your landscape during the spring, contact our experts at Lawn in Order. Our team can evaluate your space and offer an effective mosquito treatment that meets your needs, preferences and budget.

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