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Caring for Your Trees and Shrubs This Fall Decatur, GA

Caring for Your Trees and Shrubs This Fall

Garden with manicured lawn, trees and shrubs.

Finally, we can say goodbye to the suffocating heat and humidity of summer. As we trade our flip flops and lemonade for hoodies and lattes, however, don’t forget about the steps you may need to take for your largest plants. Your quiet and colorful fall landscape may seem like it is doing just fine on its own, but it still needs your attention. In fact, what you do for your trees and shrubs during late fall and early winter can have a big impact on their appearance and health when spring comes.

While Georgia winters are not considered severe, we aren’t exempt from an occasional hard freeze or even snow. It may only take one night of plummeting temperatures to ruin your most prized landscaping investments. Your trees certainly won’t demand the same amount of sunlight, water and nutrients as they do in the warm season months, but dormant plants still need proper protection and care to survive during winter.

Preparing your trees, shrubs and hedges for cold weather should include the following tasks:

  • Feed them well. Consider deep-root fertilization.
  • Add mulch to manage moisture and provide insulation.
  • Keep sheltering insects away. Consider dormant oil application.
  • Prune dying branches. Trim hedges and shrubs.
  • Provide extra protection and care to young trees.
  • Plant new trees when weather/temperatures are neutral.

Get Professional Help

Not sure exactly what your large plants or other landscape components may need during the late fall or early winter? Don’t sabotage your spring landscape due to lack of knowledge or lawn care laziness. If you are unable or unwilling to care for shrubs and trees this fall, Lawn in Order will gladly handle the job for you. Our lawn experts carry years of experience in pruning, protecting and planting shrubs and trees throughout the year. Most of all, we know exactly what your largest plants need now so that they can thrive during spring and summer.

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