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Do You Have a Plan for Lawn Disease? Decatur, GA

Do You Have a Plan for Lawn Disease?

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Lawn disease may not be on your grass care radar, but it needs to be. In fact, certain lawn diseases are so invasive that they can ruin your turf in just days or weeks if not treated. Many lawn diseases are difficult to diagnose and manage on your own. Lawn disease can be caused by fungus, stressful weather conditions and poor lawn care practices. To ensure you recognize and control lawn disease in a timely manner, call the experts at Lawn in Order.

Common Lawn Diseases

Not all lawn diseases are the same, and some grasses are more vulnerable than others. In some cases and under certain conditions, lawn disease can be nearly unavoidable. The first step is to recognize disease when it has developed on your grass.

There are a few types of common lawn diseases that can make your lawn appear discolored or patchy:

  • Brown Patch is a hot weather disease creating circular spots on all types of turf.
  • Dollar Spot can occur when fungus develops on wet grass blades. These small yellow circles with dark borders can spread to damage the entire lawn.
  • Leaf Blight can occur when evening mowing is followed by excessive watering. Heavily infested areas appear as bleached patches.
  • Lawn Rust can occur in late summer when weather patterns start to alternate with high humidity levels.

Let Our Experts Help

Regular preventive lawn disease control treatments can protect your lawn from the often costly damage that lawn disease can bring. At Lawn in Order, our professionals have the knowledge and experience it takes to determine exactly what your lawn needs to look and grow best. A lawn care analysis is a great place to start. Once we identify what is compromising the health of your turf, we can develop a customized lawn treatment plan to help.

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