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Reasons to ‘Go Natural’ With Your Fencing Decatur, GA

Reasons to ‘Go Natural’ With Your Fencing

Does your property need a fence? Before you envision solid rows metal or patterned planks of wood in your backyard, you should consider the possibility of natural fencing. Depending on the specific reasons you need a fence, a natural fence using privacy trees can be an excellent solution – and one that offers plenty of advantages over traditional fencing materials.

Whether it is a row Leyland cypress trees or attractive plantings of Bamboo, a natural fence can offer the following benefits for certain homeowners:

Natural Beauty

Even the most well-crafted wooden fences do not compare to the beauty a well-maintained natural fence. If you want your fence to blend in with your landscape, this is a superior choice.

Bypass HOA Rules

Do you want a high border but your HOA has strict bylaws about the maximum height of your fencing? A natural fence can “overcome” these limitations. Building a natural fence from a plant variety that upon full maturity can exceed the maximum heights allowed for a traditional fence and provide greater privacy.

Noise Reduction

While traditional fences can provide a certain level of privacy, natural fencing can often absorb the noise of the street and neighbors better.

Wind Protection

In the same way it prevents noise intrusion, a thick natural fence is also a superior solution for wind reduction. You’ll gain a backyard atmosphere that is more comfortable and quiet.

The Ultimate Eco Friendly Choice

Unless you need to contain pets or children, using nature to create borders on your property is undoubtedly the most eco-friendly.

If a natural fence sounds like a good option for your home, we can help you pick the best plants and trees to accomplish it. At Lawn in Order, we will consider your personal style and preferences along with factors such as soil conditions, drainage and sun/shade zones.

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