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The Perks of Pine Straw Decatur, GA

The Perks of Pine Straw

Pine Straw Installation

Mulch refers to the groundcover used around trees, shrubs and flowers where grass does not grow. While you may assume mulch is only an aesthetic element to make your landscape look more manicured, it also provides several functional benefits as well. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely when selecting a mulch type.

When it comes to popular forms of mulch, pine bark and pine straw top the list. Which one is best for your yard? Here are a few reasons why pine straw gets the vote for many homeowners.

Last Longer
The notable longevity of pine straw is backed by its ability to stay in place better after rain compared to wood chips or bark. It also breaks down slower than many other types of mulch.
Keeps Soil and Plants Healthier
Pine straw is not compacted and considered a highly breathable groundcover. This allows rainwater to infiltrate the soil efficiently and evenly. Pine straw also adds needed nutrients to the soil and reduces weeds in your flowerbeds.
Easy to Spread
Pine straw is lightweight, which means it is easy to handle and spread. You’ll also have to buy less of it compared to other varieties, as it often covers more square footage by weight.
Pine straw is obtained naturally and without having to harvest trees. As a mulch product, it is sustainable, eco-friendly and organic.
Erosion Control
By surrounding your plants and flowers in this mulch, you can avoid soil erosion. Pine straw is excellent for sloped areas in your yard or around walkways.
Pine straw has an even color and neutral tone to add visual appeal to your landscape.

Did you know that most master gardeners use pine straw in their own beds? Find out what type of mulch is most ideal for your yard today by calling Lawn in Order. We are here to care for all of your landscaping needs, big or small.

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