January 29, 2021

Pine Straw Installation

Pine straw is a great and effective way to enhance the look of your property. 
We don’t just come to your yard and throw some pine straw down. We do the necessary work to properly  prepare your beds first. Before laying the pine straw, we will cut and remove any weeds growing in the beds. Then we’ll kill off whatever is left and spread pre-emergent so help slow the growth of new weeds. Once this is complete, we will put down a thick layer of southern long-leaf pine straw, and tuck and blow it for a great look!
We also work with HOAs, multi-family and commercial properties!

Most importantly, my yard looks great after each visit. Additionally… friendly people, responsive to communication, clear scheduling, and easy billing.

- Seth L. -

Amazing people, high quality work, dependable, knowledgeable and skilled! Happy customer for over a year.

- Noam G. -

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