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Are You Due for Shrub Trimming? Decatur, GA

Are You Due for Shrub Trimming?

trimming a shrub with hedge shears

You may consider hedge and shrub trimming as an aesthetic task for your yard or to keep your landscaping looking attractive and manicured. While freshly trimmed bushes will certainly increase your home’s curb appeal, this lawn maintenance task is also crucial to the health of your plants. Even very basic small trees and bushes need routine trimming for their health and survival.

How Often Should Shrubs Be Trimmed

If your yard is overgrown or has not been pruned in many months, now is the perfect time to start trimming and begin its restoration. Most bushes, hedges, and small trees that are well-maintained, however, may need to be trimmed in late fall or just before the cold winter begins. This is when plants have finished blooming but are not yet vulnerable to damage from freezing temperatures. Trimming at the wrong time could impede full flowering in the spring. If your shrub or bush is non-flowering, you may want to also give it a good trimming or pruning before new growth begins in early spring.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Trim Your Landscape Plants

Trimming isn’t a physically-demanding task compared to other lawn chores. Why not buy your own pruning tools and do the job yourself? While some homeowners can carry out their own trimming and pruning with success, it can be a complicated service that requires experience, knowledge and skill. Here are some leading reasons why it is a good idea to hire a landscaping company for your routine shrub trimming:

  • A professional has expertise about plant health
  • A professional knows what time of year is best to prune for each plant variety
  • A professional can inspect for disease, pests and other problems in your shrubs
  • A professional knows how much to trim to help (not harm) future growth

At Lawn In Order, we understand the delicate skill and knowledge it takes to properly trim your hedges, shrubs and small trees. In fact, letting our experts do the job can save you time, money and hassle because we do it right. Call today to get your free estimate on shrub trimming near Decatur.

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