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Boosting Your Winter Curb Appeal Decatur, GA

Boosting Your Winter Curb Appeal

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Curb appeal is “the attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street.” Landscaping is one of the most influential factors in creating curb appeal. In fact, good landscaping is said to add up to 28% to the value of your home, at any time of year.

While you may find it easy to boost your curb appeal during the blooming months of spring and bright green days of summer, it can be a bit more challenging to make your front yard appealing in the dormant winter – but it can be done!

At Lawn In Order, we help clients realize that a dreary winter doesn’t have to mean the end of your home’s impressive curb appeal – especially if you are trying to sell your property. Here are some ways to make your lawn more attractive despite the plunging temperatures outside:

  • Plant Winter Flowers: Most plants and shrubs choose to sleep through the winter, but not all of them. There are colorful winter blooms such as camellia, winter hazel and blue holly that like to come alive and add a splash of color to your winter landscape.
  • Consider Lighting: Whether it is fixed lanterns along your driveway or a few strings of subtle white Holiday lights across your trees, lighten is an easy and effective way to enhance and brighten your landscape. Lighting can also provide additional security for your property during the darker days of winter.
  • Install a Water Feature: Water is a unique and eye-catching feature during any season of the year. A front yard waterfall, pond or fountain can enhance your yard you’re your leaves and flower beds are bare. You can keep your water feature active through the winter by running a pump or heater if temps get below freezing.

At Lawn In Order, we have a team of experts who are ready and waiting to address your landscaping concerns through all seasons of the year. We understand the importance of creating a strong curb appeal during the summer as well as the winter. Call today to book your landscaping consult with our professionals.

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