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Do You Have a Plan for Lawn Disease? Decatur, GA


Do You Have a Plan for Lawn Disease?

biltmore before after

Lawn disease may not be on your grass care radar, but it needs to be. In fact, certain lawn diseases are so invasive that they can ruin your turf in just days or weeks if not treated. Many lawn diseases are difficult to diagnose and manage on your own. Lawn disease can be caused by…

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Could You Benefit from a Yard Cleanup?

Beautiful Trees and Shrubs in a Residential Neighborhood

Is your outdoor space as tidy as your indoor living space? When debris, sticks, toys and leaves are tossed across your lawn, it not only decreases the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it can also compromise the health of your landscape over time. The landscaping professionals of Lawn in Order proudly provide seasonal or…

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How to Care for New Sod

Sod Installation

Few things are more satisfying than watching the blanketing of fresh laid sod across a barren yard. Whether you did the job yourself or hired a professional for your sod installation, it is imperative that you know how to care for it immediately after it is laid. In fact, neglecting new sod for even a…

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Are Weeds Choking Your Lawn?

Weed Control North Decatur GA

While there are many elements that can sabotage a pretty and healthy lawn, weeds top the list. If not taken under control, weeds can choke your turf and leave it looking unsightly and malnourished. Applying weed control along with routine fertilizer is key to helping your lawn thrive this summer. Just because weeds are common…

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Avoid Soil Compaction in Fescue Turf Grasses

Manicured Lawn

Most homeowners assume their grass is struggling due to poor watering habits, lawn disease or improper mowing. However, soil compaction is another lawn problem that often gets overlooked and could be the real culprit to your turf concerns. Fortunately, soil compaction is an easy fix with core aeration. Core aeration involves intentionally piercing your lawn…

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Are You Due for Shrub Trimming?

trimming a shrub with hedge shears

You may consider hedge and shrub trimming as an aesthetic task for your yard or to keep your landscaping looking attractive and manicured. While freshly trimmed bushes will certainly increase your home’s curb appeal, this lawn maintenance task is also crucial to the health of your plants. Even very basic small trees and bushes need…

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