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Candler Park Decatur, GA

Candler Park Sod Installation

Are you tired of brown spots or bare areas in your lawn? Why not invest in new grass with beautiful sod installation? Sod is the fastest and most convenient way to install a new lawn for your home or business. If you live in Candler Park, sod installation is available from our experienced lawn care experts at Lawn In Order.

Planting a lawn from seed is a long process. Sod gives you new grass the same day it is installed. At Lawn In Order, we use quality sod that is ready to be installed on your property in Candler Park. We start by inspecting your property to determine the best type of grass for your needs and measuring for quantity. Our crews can prepare your soil for your sod to ensure you obtain the best results. Once your property is prepared, we offer convenient delivery and sod installation to create your new lawn.

Zoysia and Bermuda Sod Delivery and Install

Choosing the right grass for your new lawn can make a significant difference. Two of the most popular grasses in Georgia are the zoysia and Bermuda varieties. You want a grass that is designed for your needs, whether you need high-traffic or drought-resistant sod. Our sod experts at Lawn In Order can help you choose the right sod, and we will deliver and install your new grass at your property in Candler Park.

Sod offers almost immediate new grass for your property, but it does require specific care. From preparing the soil to installation and aftercare, it is important to follow the right steps for the best results. Our crew at Lawn In Order understand the best processes to give you lasting results for your new sod. You will get our customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure you love your new lawn.

If you need Chandler Park sod installation, you can trust our team at Lawn In Order. We use only the best sod and installation techniques to give you excellent results. To get a free estimate on sod delivery and installation in Chandler Park, contact us today.

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