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Scottdale Decatur, GA

Scottdale Sod Installation

Do you want to restore a healthy new lawn at your home or business in Scottdale, GA? Sod is the quickest solution for creating a new lawn or renovating your yard. At Lawn In Order, we are your local lawn care experts. We offer professional Scottdale sod installation to improve your yard and outdoor area.

Georgia weather is tough on turf. The hard clay, hot summers and low moisture can be hard on grass. When your lawn is thin with yellow or brown spots, it can be difficult to revive it with seeding alone. Sod is a more reliable option for restoring a healthy, thick lawn that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

At Lawn In Order, we are experts in sod installation. We start by ensuring your property and soil are prepared. We have the equipment and expertise to grade your property as well as loosen the topsoil and ensure it is free of weeds before we install your new sod.

Zoysia and Bermuda Sod Delivery and Install

Using the right sod is vital for excellent results. In Georgia, you want a grass that can survive the drought conditions and high temperatures. Two of the most popular options for low maintenance Georgia lawns are zoysia and Bermuda. We offer delivery and installation of both Bermuda and zoysia sod for your new lawn.

One of the many benefits of sod is the instant new lawn. You will not need to live with a soil front or backyard for long. Once the sod is rolled into place, our team will help you with the post-installation care. Your new sod will need plenty of water to stimulate root growth to ensure the best results. Once your sod is established, we are here if you need ongoing lawn care to keep it healthy for years to come.

Are you ready to build your new lawn in the Scottdale area? For fast and reliable results, consider sod installation. Contact our team at Lawn In Order to get a free quote or to schedule a sod consultation for your property in Scottdale.

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