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North Druid Hills and Toco Hills Decatur, GA

North Druid Hills Sod Installation

Is your yard and lawn suffering from dead grass and bare spots? It is difficult to revive an unhealthy lawn in Georgia. Sometimes it is best to start over with a new lawn. At Lawn In Order, we offer quality sod to build a new lawn. If you own property in Toco Hills or North Druid Hills, sod installation is available from our lawn professionals at Lawn In Order.

Sod offers a new start for your lawn. Unlike reseeding that can take months to grow new grass, sod can create an immediate new lawn once it is installed. You have the benefit of established grass turf that is ready to form a root system on your property. However, sod does require preparation of the soil to ensure you get the best results.

At Lawn In Order, we are sod installation experts. We have helped customers achieve gorgeous lawns with new sod installation. We have grading services to ensure your property is level, and the soil is ready for the new grass roots to take hold. Once the soil is prepared, we can deliver and install your new sod for a beautiful lawn.

Zoysia and Bermuda Sod Delivery and Install

When you drive through your neighborhood in North Druid Hills or Toco Hills, you will see plenty of lawns with zoysia or Bermuda grass. Both these grass types are popular in Georgia because of their drought and heat-resistant traits. When it comes time to choose the sod for your new lawn, we offer both sod options. We can deliver quality warm-season sod that will last for years and provide a gorgeous new turf for your lawn. Once it is installed, we can also provide ongoing maintenance for your lawn.

If it is time to consider a lawn renovation or you are creating a new lawn from scratch, sod installation is the easiest and most reliable option. Lawn In Order offers professional sod delivery and installation to Toco Hills and North Druid Hills, GA. For a free quote or to schedule a sod consultation, contact our lawn professionals today.

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