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Edgewood and Kirkwood Decatur, GA

Edgewood Sod Installation

Creating a new lawn can improve your yard appearance and add value to your investment. If your lawn is thin and struggling to flourish, the faster way to restore a thick carpet of grass is with sod. Our lawn professionals at Lawn In Order offer sod delivery and installation. If you live in Kirkwood or Edgewood, sod installation services are just a call away.

When you have brown patches or unhealthy grass, it can be difficult to rejuvenate your lawn with seed alone. You can overseed and wait for weeks to see if it takes hold. Often it can take months, even years to achieve new growth. Sod offers a quicker solution to install a new lawn or restore existing grass. The turf is already established at a sod farm, then cut and transported to your property. In a few weeks, the root system can take hold, but you will have a green yard the same day it is installed.

To properly install sod, the lawn area needs proper preparation. Our team at Lawn In Order can come to your property in Edgewood or Kirkwood and ensure the soil is level and ready for new sod. Once installation day arrives, our crews can deliver and install your new sod. We will ensure you know how to care for your new lawn to ensure it thrives and also offer our lawn care services to maintain your beautiful new lawn.

Zoysia and Bermuda Sod Delivery and Install

One element of choosing the right sod is the grass type. In Georgia, two grasses are popular for their drought and heat-resistant qualities. Both zoysia and Bermuda varieties can thrive in the Georgia climate and offer low-maintenance benefits. Our lawn experts at Lawn In Order can help you decide which sod will best achieve the lawn attributes you desire. Once you choose your sod, you can sit back and relax while we prep your property and handle the sod installation.

If you live in Kirkwood or Edgewood, sod installation is available through our team at Lawn In Order. We are your local lawn care and landscaping experts. To get a quote on sod installation for your home or business, contact our team today. We offer free estimates on all our lawn and landscaping services.

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